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"South ya mouth." @cajuncraftwaco

"South ya mouth." @cajuncraftwaco

Located in the Heart of Texas. 

Cajun Craft opened in May 2016, located near downtown Waco,Tx between Magnolia Silos and Baylor University. Previously running as Waco's iconic Krispy Chicken since the 1970's and known for serving the best fried chicken in Waco, Tx. We still serve Waco's best fried chicken but we are now so much more. Cajun Craft has been evolved by Kim Bui, who had a vision for the up-rising Waco city scene. Kim Bui wanted to give Waco a taste of good home southern cooking, with the emphasis on Cajun style cuisine. Here at Cajun Craft they want to put the real taste of the south in your mouth.

Cajun Craft's interior was also designed by Kim Bui, doing the majority of the renovations herself with the help of a few others to put her vision into reality. Before becoming Waco's iconic chicken shack, the building had been a auto shop dating as far back as to the 1950's. Kim wanted to keep the history and the characteristics of the building alive, leaving it with a industrial craftsman style. Mixing details of the past with modern flair, she designed Cajun Craft as a relaxed, casual environment with a touch of class, just like what you would excpect in NOLA. Cajun Craft is a place you can bring your significant other, family, and friends and enjoy a relaxed never-ending experience. She envisioned this place to welcome all because everyone deserved a good home cooked meal.  




(254) 754-3869



601 S 11th St.
Waco, TX 76706



Sun-Mon: Closed

Tues-Sat: 11:00am-9:00pm