How it all started... 

Kim Bui's ancestors came from Vietnam, escaping Vietnam from the war and traveling to the U.S. hoping to pursue a better life for their family and future generations. As a first generation American she had a dream of giving back to her family for their hard work, sacrifices, and dedication. She graduated from Texas State in 2014 and had a dream of opening her own restaurant after earning a degree in Business Management. Kim had crossed paths with downtown Waco several times while living on the outskirts of Bosque County. The more she visited Waco, the more she fell in love and the idea of having her own restaurant right in the heart of Texas. "There was something about the history, culture, and community of Waco that you couldn't find else where, its a untouched landmark waiting to blossom." In May 2016, Cajun Craft was created. Taking over the running Krispy Chicken she was blessed that Chef Kevin Dixon, with his 15 years of restaurant experience, saw the potential of her vision and decided to stay and help make her dream come true. What a blessing it is to have him as part of our team. 

Kim grew up on the coast of Rockport, TX. Just like Kim's family, thousands of Vietnamese refugee families  moved to the coast where there was a demand for experienced shrimp and blue crab fishermen. As the Vietnamese communities settled into the costal life style, cajun cuisines influenced the Vietnamese-American culture. They call this kind of cuisine "viet-cajun". She grew up slurping and shucking oysters right beside father. Her favorite childhood memories were made right in her grandfathers backyard, with her family and friends gathered around, enjoying crawfish and crab boils right out of her grandfathers very own hand-made stove fire pits. It's an experience she will never forget and an experience she wishes to pass on to all the diners at Cajun Craft.